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Parent Survey Results

Parent Survey 2019

Our latest Parent Survey was carried out during the summer of 2019. It's terrific to see so many positive comments from parents and carers regarding Holbrook Primary School and the results give us much to celebrate. We will also be using the comment and suggestions to further improve the school in the future so thank you so much to everyone who took the time to complete it.




Strongly agree

Total agree

My child is happy at this school




My child feels safe at this school




My child receives the right amount of home learning for their age




My child is clear about the school’s expectations of behaviour




The school deals effectively with any problems to do with my child




I receive valuable information about my child's progress




The school communicates well with parents




I am made to feel welcome when I come in to school




I find it easy to approach the school with questions




I get enough information about the curriculum my child is following




The school helps me to support my child's learning




Would you recommend the school to a friend?

Yes – 94%


Feedback included the following positive comments;

‘Holbrook provides a welcoming and safe environment for my children to learn and I am very satisfied with the progress they have made’

‘It is a lovely school and we are overall very happy’

‘I feel Holbrook is a very good school, with teachers and parents who care a great deal about the children and supporting education. The PTA is very impressive and raises a significant amount of money for the school. I think Holbrook does very well given the funding difficulties West Sussex schools face.’


Pupil survey 2019 school response




Concern from parents



Information about the curriculum and pupils’ progress



The curriculum my child is learning and how to support this would be very useful

The school website contains information regarding the National Curriculum, as well as curriculum overviews for each year group and end of year expectations.  At the start of each year there are Parent information meetings to explain what will be taught in each year group and this information is emailed out and available on the website to those who cannot attend.

We are currently reviewing the Holbrook curriculum to ensure we provide the best learning experiences for all pupils.  One aspect we wish to develop is the use of Knowledge Organisers to help deepen children’s learning and provide parents with more information and links.

My child’s progress


Parent consultations held in the Autumn and Spring terms provide a starting point for discussion about how your child is progressing academically as well as their friendships and wider interests. They do also provide next steps for learning. However, we also operate an open door policy so that should you feel you would like further clarification on how to help your child at home and their next steps, please do contact your child’s class teacher.

Who and How to contact the school information sent out to parents at the start of the school year.

Help children to understand social media

Part of the computing curriculum deals with online safety issues such as social media.  We teach children a variety of ways to stay safe online.

Continue to give this a high priority to ensure all of our pupils remain safe online.


Advanced warning of dates for school events

The school aims to give parents as much notice as possible for dates and these will often appear on the Diary date section of the Holbrook Headlines.  New dates are printed in bold. 

Dates appear on the Diary date section of the Holbrook Headlines and the website calendar with new dates printed in bold.

Frequency of Parentmails

There were comments saying that the school sends too many or not enough Parentmail communication to parents.  Parentmail remains our favoured method of communication with parents due to its speed and efficiency.

We hope to strike the right balance of Parentmail communication but are conscious of both views and will aim to send these when appropriate.

Could the school send more online forms/slips?

We currently use a mixture of hard copies and online slips where appropriate.

We are investigating the use of online letters and permissions to further reduce paperwork and improve administration efficiency.

Support for pupils’ learning

The best ways to support parents with their child’s learning

The survey indicated that 87% of parents were happy with the support the school currently offers.  Of the 16 parents who welcomed further support the most popular methods were parent workshops, website links/suggestions and handouts/booklets.

We will continue to offer a variety of methods to support parents with their child’s learning including workshops, websites and booklets.


Concern from parents



Support for pupils’ learning (continued)

Friendship issues

The school helps to educate children through a variety of means; our values, Golden Rules, assemblies and PSHE sessions all help children to deal with friendship issues that can occur.  For more serious issues such as bullying we encourage pupils (and parents) to tell an adult so that we can deal with issues quickly and sensitively.

We plan to offer a parent workshop that will give further information and advice about how the school approaches friendship issues and ways to support your child.  Further information to follow.


KS1 Playground safety

Holbrook Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, volunteers and the wider community to share this commitment.  For pupils to feel that they are able to do their best and achieve their true potential, it is important that they feel safe and supported in our school environment.

The school has installed a new fence and gates around the KS1 playground which will ensure that our children remain safe during the day and the site is secure at all other times.

Hedges need cutting back at the Tythe Barn gate

The school has a contract for grounds maintenance with an outside supplier and recognises that the frequency of visits has not been what we expect.  Mr Kempshall will always address any minor issues of grounds maintenance – please inform the office should the need arise.

The school hopes to have a new supplier in place shortly which should address these issues.


School premises/grounds looking tired

We recognise that there are areas that we would like to refurbish, replace and improve.  However, due to financial constraints the school has had to prioritise the limited funding it has. 

Funds have been earmarked to address outside issues such as the fence, story circle, wooden pagodas, stage, benches etc and inside we have been able to buy new chairs and tables for some classrooms in the first phase of refurbishment.

Class reorganisations

The rationale behind class reorganisations is to ensure that; classes remain balanced in response to pupil transfer and transition, all children learn and make suitable progress, there are opportunities for children to learn and play with a wider variety of peers and there is a greater social interaction between children as they move through the school.

The school will review its policy and procedures to ensure that any class reorganisation are as smooth as possible.

Religious issues

The school is a non-faith school and not affiliated to any particular religion.  We teach Religious Education as part of the curriculum where children are taught about the major world religions in accordance with the West Sussex R.E policy.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from R.E lessons.  Please contact the school if you have any concerns about the religious curriculum.