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Social Media


At Holbrook school, we want our pupils to grow into respectful young people, who understand how to settle differences in a respectful and constructive manner, both online and offline.

Our ICT and internet acceptable use policies set clear expectations for pupils and parents about online conduct.  Parents and carers should be made aware of their responsibilities regarding their use of social media networking. Methods of school communication include, the school website, Parentmail, newsletters, facebook and verbal discussion.

We expect parents to abide by these guidelines so that you can help us model safe, responsible and appropriate social media use for our pupils.  This includes voicing opinions about the school in a way that respects the hard work, dedication and professionalism of our staff, and speaking to or about other parents and children in a way that is respectful and appropriate.

We would ask parents to make any complaints they have through the official school channels rather than posting them on social networking sites and also to be aware of how others read their comments.

Parents should not post malicious or fictitious comments on social networking sites about any member of the school community.

Complaints and concerns

There may be times where, as a parent, you don’t agree with something the school is doing, or where you may have specific concerns. We welcome your feedback, and the opportunity to address any concerns you may have.

The most appropriate way to raise concerns is directly with the school, in line with our complaints procedure. Airing complaints or negative opinions on social media doesn’t help the school to address the issue in the most constructive way.

You can call the school and speak to a member of staff, or book an appointment to speak with the headteacher or another member of staff face-to-face.

Posting about other parents and pupils

We know that social media is an important way for many in our community to share their day-to-day lives and special events with others. However, we ask that parents think carefully before posting things on social media that contain the names or images of other parents and children.

The school has a responsibility to keep pupils safe online, and posting information about children other than your own (including pictures or videos), without the consent of their parents, can present a safeguarding concern.

Behaviour incidents

We also ask that, if you become aware of a behaviour incident, or have any concerns about the behaviour of groups of pupils or specific pupils, you please raise these with the school directly.

Posting about incidents or behaviour concerns on social media limits the school’s ability to conduct a full and fair investigation.

We appreciate your help in providing a supportive, respectful environment for all of our pupils, parents and staff.