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Science at Holbrook


At Holbrook, we have constructed a science curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners the scientific knowledge and skills necessary for our modern world. Our curriculum is carefully planned and includes a progression of skills which ensures a development in each year’s learning, meeting the expectations of the National Curriculum and setting our students up for success as they progress to secondary school and beyond. We strive to include all learners, from those with SEND to the most able through engaging, hands-on scientific learning.


We deliver our science curriculum through a hands-on approach that allows our students to be inquisitive and draw conclusions themselves. Plenty of time is provided for students to reflect on their learning, celebrating their successes and addressing misconceptions. Whilst we focus on scientific knowledge, it is equally import to ‘work scientifically’ and understand how scientists work. Our working scientifically skills have been carefully considered and ensure progress every year. Weekly science lessons provide opportunities for students to gain new knowledge by answering questions through investigation. Holbrook has recently subscribed to Hamilton Trust’s science scheme which has proven to be a great resource in creating lessons which students find to be engaging and exciting. Our broad selection of science resources provide our students with the equipment to answer the questions they are posed. Work is celebrated during reflection on learning, through sharing of work on SeeSaw and with our Gold Awards as well.


Our science curriculum ensures that knowledge and skills are acquired and developed by all our students. We seek to make science extra-special through our yearly Science Weeks, visits from STEM ambassadors, other professionals and building links with secondary schools. As a result, children leave Holbrook with strong scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science.