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School Uniform

We believe that a school uniform is important:

  • It looks smart
  • Wears well
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging and community
  • Gives a common purpose
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  • Fosters a feeling of pride
  • Is designed with health and safety in mind

We ask that all children wear the uniform and encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school.  The uniform is designed to be practical, maintainable and good value for money.

Our school uniform consists of:

  • Shirt - plain white or light blue polo/school shirt (this can be plain or with the school logo)
  • Sweatshirt or cardigan - plain royal blue (this can be plain or with the school logo)
  • Trousers or shorts - plain grey (no leggings please)
  • Skirt or pinafore – plain grey (approx knee length)
  • Summer dress - blue/white (check gingham or stripes)
  • Socks - plain grey, black or white (tights may be worn by older children)
  • Shoes - plain black with a flat heel (Velcro, bar or lace fastenings)

Our P.E uniform consists of:

  • T-shirt - House colour t-shirt (blue, green, red or yellow) or plain white (this can be plain or with the school logo)
  • Shorts, skorts or gym shorts - Plain black
  • Footwear - Plain black plimsolls or trainers (for outside activities)

When the weather is cooler, the following items may be worn,

  • Plain black joggers or leggings
  • School sweatshirt or fleece (no hoodies)


All children, girls and boys, must tie hair up where it is long enough to do so. Hair should be a natural colour and avoid any ‘extreme’ hairstyles e.g tramlines.  Accessories such as slides, ribbons, bobbles, etc, should be simple and in school colours.


Jewellery should not be worn to school.  The only exception is stud earrings, which must be removed for PE.  We ask parents wishing children to have pierced ears, to get piercing right at the start of the summer holidays, so that earrings can be removed for PE lessons from the start of the new term

Our current uniform suppliers are Taylor Made uniforms  and Broadbridges The Friends of Holbook also have a supply of new and nearly new uniform.  Should you need any assistance (financial or information) in uniform matters then please contact the school office in the first instance.

Please note:

  • It is important that all clothes are clearly marked with the child's name.
  • In Year 6 all children wear navy blue sweatshirts (these can be plain or with the school logo).
  • For some outdoor activities extra clothes may be needed, School to advise as required.
  • As a general rule no make up, nail varnish or hair products are to be worn (exception for special events). 
  • Hair – past shoulder length must be tied back.  Hair styles must be of an appropriate nature for school.  Hair accessories such as slides, ribbons bobbles, etc, should be simple and in school colours.  


Zoe Taylor at (free delivery to school).

Broadbridges in Horsham

Orders can be made in one of two ways:

  1. Online using the link above.
  2. Direct by telephone 

Many of you also said that a Wednesday isn’t always convenient for you to get to the second hand uniform sales, so we will also be putting on extra ad hoc second hand uniform sales.

Once again, many thanks for your feedback and your continued support. Should you have any questions please speak to the office.