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Parent Survey Results

Parent Survey 2022

Our latest Parent Survey was carried out during the summer of 2022. It's terrific to see so many positive comments from parents and carers regarding Holbrook Primary School and the results give us much to celebrate. We will also be using the comment and suggestions to further improve the school in the future so thank you so much to everyone who took the time to complete it.

(2019 survey results in brackets where applicable)



Strongly agree

Total agree

My child is happy at this school (95%)




My child feels safe at this school (97%)




My child is clear about the school’s expectations of behaviour (99%)




The school deals with my concerns effectively (91%)




The school provides information about the curriculum my child is learning (84%)




The school helps me to support my child's learning (87%)




My child completes home learning every week




The school supports the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of my child




The school promotes the importance of reading




The school communicates well with parents (81%)




The school provides valuable information about my child's learning and progress 55% 24% 79%

Would you recommend the school to a friend? (94%)


64% 98%

Feedback included the following positive comments;

‘We are very happy with Holbrook’

‘My son is confident, happy and enjoys going to school, his self-esteem has completely improved’

‘My child is incredibly happy at Holbrook, learning is exciting, engaging and challenging. The staff all work incredibly hard to communicate effectively with parents to involve us and we couldn’t be happier’

‘My daughter has settled in wonderfully. I believe this to be namely due to all the fantastic staff members welcoming her and making her feel comfortable in a new environment’

‘Holbrook School provides a great place to learn.  The newsletters are useful to receive each week with useful dates and reminders’

‘A fantastic school with staff who care greatly about the pupils and their well-being. Thank you’

‘The school values are transmitted to the children and you can see that in their behaviour. Thank you all for that’

‘I couldn't be happier with the school and all that it offers my daughter.  She has formed so many positive relationships with adults, she loves coming in each day and is making great progress.  I would not hesitate to recommend Holbrook to others’

‘We have loved our time at Holbrook and feel our child is looked after and has been looked after by outstanding teachers, teaching assistants and all the staff in the office etc’

‘We are massively happy with our child’s care and love at Holbrook’

‘It is good to see the new gates/intercom access at the front of the school for extra security and safety’

Parent survey 2022 school response




Information about pupil's learning and progress



The school website contains information regarding the National Curriculum as well as curriculum overviews for each year group. 

Publicise our current arrangements on the school website and parentmail

Continue to review information provided about pupils’ learning and progress



At the start of each year, there are curriculum meetings for parents to explain what is taught in each year group and this information is available to those who cannot attend.

Curriculum letters are sent at the start of each term to provide further information about pupils’ learning.  Additional information may be sent via SeeSaw.

Parent consultations provide a starting point for discussion about how your child is progressing academically as well as their friendships and wider interests. They do also provide next steps for learning.  Parents of SEND children will also have additional ILP meetings.

We also operate an ‘open door’ policy, so that should you feel you would like further clarification on how to help your child at home and their next steps, please do contact your child’s class teacher via email, telephone or in person.  If required, appointments can be made via phone call, video or face-to-face.

Annual reports provide more detailed information about a child’s learning and progress in both core and foundation subjects.


The school acknowledges that whilst some parents would like more communication, others would prefer less.  Developments over the past few years now mean that there are multiple methods of communication (Parentmail, letters home, SeeSaw, school website, social media feeds etc) and it would be helpful for parents to know how, where and when we will communicate.

Review our communication systems and procedures and publish to parents.

Reduce the amount of hard copies of letters.

Add new dates to the Diary date section of the newsletter and print in bold.
Our aim is to provide parents with as much notice as possible for dates and these will often appear on the Diary date section of the newsletter and website.  New dates are printed in bold.   


Support for pupils’ home learning

Our programme of Parent workshops has restarted and we will continue to provide these.  The results from the Parent survey will be used to inform future programme of events, which we hope to record on video for those parents/carers unable to make the workshops.

Add a section to the school website dedicated to supporting pupils’ home learning.



It would be good to have more access to books.

The school continues to invest heavily in Reading books, as Reading is one of the most important skills we can teach our children.  As Covid safety measures are relaxed, we have plans to reopen the school library to children and parents before and after school, so that another range of books can be used.

What are Green Cards and House Stars?

Green Cards are awarded by staff for a variety of reasons including;

• exemplary behaviour for learning                          

• consistently positive attitude to learning 

• fantastic learning seen in examples of work        

• helping others in class

• being a good member of the school community 

• demonstrating the school ethos and values

We celebrate Green cards in our weekly Celebration assembly and publication in our newsletters, as well as our Green Card display in school.

House Stars are awarded by the House Captains in conjunction with staff, again for similar reasons to those above.

Could Parent Consultations be online?

We felt that it was important to hold the last parent meetings face-to-face, as we have been unable to do so for a considerable time due to Covid.  We will consider the possibility of a hybrid event (face-to-face and online) for parents in the future, as we know that online is a better option for some families.

I wish the school could teach children some first aid basics.

Our PSHE curriculum includes the topic ‘Keeping Safe’ and in Year 5 this includes Keeping safe in different situations, including responding in emergencies and basic first aid.  We are currently investigating other enrichment options and hope to make provision for the next academic year.

A full years’ calendar of INSET days would be useful.

Term and INSET dates for 2022-23 can be found on the school website.  We will also add a link to this from the weekly newsletter

What catch up steps are being taken to deal with the period of learning lost to Covid?

Last academic year, we used our catch–up funding in three ways – Teaching, Targeted Academic Support and Wider Support.  The targeted support enabled teaching staff to be released to work with children (one-to-one or small groups) who were identified as having gaps in their education.  This year we have been able to continue this, as well as provide resources for Early Reading and Learning Mentors. Further details can be found on the school website.

My child is not keen on online home learning.

We are trying to reduce the amount of paper used but recognise this can be an issue, especially if a family has more children than devices.  The school is happy to provide a paper copy in this situation, so please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

PE dates seem to change.

Termly curriculum letters for each year group notify parents of PE slots, which are fixed each term and children should wear their PE kits on these days.  Some changes will occur for pupil mentoring in November and March each year and we will notify parents of these changes via Parentmail.  Other changes will hopefully be minimal and we will notify parents in advance.

A wider range of extra-curricular clubs would be very welcome.

Almost all teaching staff offer a club or more during the year and we supplement this with other external providers.  We are always looking to offer more opportunities and hope that these increase now that Covid measures have relaxed.