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Contact Details

Holbrook Primary School
Holbrook School Lane
West Sussex
RH12 5PP

Office Contact

Mrs Sylvie Moloney

Mrs Annette Brewster

Ms Katrina Valero

School Business Manager

Mrs Mel Sullivan

Telephone: 01403 272500


We are happy to provide a paper copy of any of the information on our website, free of charge - please contact the school office above.

Mrs Catherine Brooks, Assistant Headteacher, is responsible for SEND and Inclusion matters. 

If you wish to contact her, please contact the school office on 01403 272500 or email

Class contacts

If you have any questions you can email your child's class at:-

Reception (Mrs Wright) - 

Reception (Mrs Harman) -

Year 1 (Mrs Kerr & Mrs Franklin) -

Year 1 (Mrs Boulton) -

Year 2  (Miss Harding) -

Year 2 (Miss Swift)

Year 3 (Mrs Reeves)

Year 3 (Mrs Nicholls)

Year 4 (Mrs Chapman & Mrs Dodsley)

Year 4 (Mrs Souques

Year 5 (Mrs Filson)

Year 5 (Mr Thompson)

Year 6 (Mr Kenny)

Year 6 (Mr Hudspith)



We are proud of our ‘open door’ policy and many parents appreciate how accessible all staff are. We want to make sure you know who to contact about specific issues and our office staff; Mrs Moloney, Mrs Brewster and Ms Valero are able to make appointments for the Head Teacher and all other staff members.

If you have a concern, please speak with the class teacher in the first instance, as most concerns can be dealt with successfully in this way.  If you require another member of staff to be at the meeting, then the next step would be to involve the Phase Lead.  Should you still have concerns remaining, then Mrs Davies or Mr Holmes would be the next option.

If you have a question about…

Please ask to see or contact…

Contact details

... your child in their class

Your child’s class teacher

See above

... other Early Years/Y1 matters

Mrs Wright, EYFS/Y1 Phase Leader

... other Y2/Y3 matters

Miss Swift, Y2 & Y3 Phase Leader

... other Y4,Y5 & Y6 matters

Mr Hudspith Y4,Y5 &Y6  Phase Leader

... Special Educational Needs and Inclusion and Pupil Premium

Mrs Brooks, Assistant Head teacher

… other pupil related matters

Mrs Davies, Deputy Head teacher

... Hot school meals

Chartwells Office

Tel  0845 603 7998

Holbrook Primary School is a very busy place and we work hard to provide the best possible service for everyone – pupils, parents and visitors.  Please treat our school staff with respect as, whatever the circumstances, we will not tolerate the abuse (verbal or physical) of our staff while they are working.  Anyone displaying aggressive behaviour will be asked to leave the premises immediately.  If necessary, further action will be taken by the school.