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Assessment Information

At Holbrook, we see assessment is an important and continuous process, integral to teaching and learning, by which teachers find out about pupils’ achievements, enabling them to plan effectively to ensure progression.

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT or responsive teaching – Assessment FOR Learning (AFL)

Assessment for learning (AFL) focuses on how children learn and is central to classroom practice.  Learning objectives are shared with the children and teachers discuss with pupils how learning objectives can be achieved.  AFL takes place during learning and is integral to teaching and learning. Self and peer assessment are encouraged throughout the school. It includes feedback and the day to day assessments that take place within lessons.

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – assessment OF learning

This type of assessment takes place after learning and includes the statutory assessments that take place at the end of each key stage. Assessment of learning summarises where learners are at a given point in time – it provides a snapshot of what has been learned. Summative assessment can be for in-school use or for County and National purposes.

At the end of EYFS, Year 2 and Year 6 (writing only), assessment data is submitted to County. This is also reported to parents. These assessments (both teacher assessment and test results) are compared with National (attainment and progress).

Standardised tests (Year 2 and Year 6) are used to track the progress of all children in maths, spelling and reading. The results from these are used to identify children needing more support in class or through targeted interventions. Please see relevant section on this page for more information on these.