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Art at Holbrook

Our vision

Art at Holbrook Primary School develops the whole child by providing an inspiring, engaging creative journey where all children have the freedom to explore and express themselves.


At Holbrook, we aim to harness and develop each child’s creativity through an inspiring and challenging art curriculum. We create an environment where children enjoy exploring their own creativity and develop an understanding, knowledge and appreciation of art from different cultures and periods of history. We equip children with the artistic skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, print, textiles and digital art so that they can apply these to their own concepts. Children develop key analytical and reflective skills, learning to communicate, listen to each other and take responsibility for their own contributions to their won and the next steps in their creative journey.

Implementation – What are we doing to deliver this?

As a school, we ensure a range of skills, both practical and theoretical, knowledge and vocabulary are taught and built upon. Specific skills are mapped and age-related objectives are taught in each year group. Drawing is an expectation in most units of art with some units designed to focus solely on developing drawing skills.

Most units of art will begin with a stimulus e.g. key artist, an image, a piece of music; these have been carefully selected to ensure we cover a diverse range of artists and craftspeople. Children will be encouraged to respond to a stimulus by discussing techniques, processes, making links with past learning and what they know.

Our curriculum centres on practical artwork. Each child has a sketchbook where they can make initial sketches, develop skills, records ideas and develop opinion. Sketch books should clearly show the development of these skills.

Each half term children will creative at least one ‘final piece’ where they are given the opportunity to apply skills they have learnt. Final pieces may be completed individually or in groups. Some large artwork may be photographed to add in to sketchbooks. Teachers will not mark sketch books but provide immediate verbal feedback during lessons.

Teachers will make cross-curricular links where they allow children to deepen their understanding, including use of technology.

Children will be given regular opportunities to reflect upon their own and record their thoughts and next steps in their sketch books. In KS1 this will be mostly verbal.

Impact – What difference is this curriculum making to our children?

Our art curriculum demonstrates progress over time across key stages. Children leave Holbrook Primary School with an appreciation of art and feel confident to express themselves using a range of tools and techniques. Achievements are celebrated in a variety of ways including displays, newsletters, walking galleries and whole school projects.


Thoughts about Art and design from our children

“I like learning about lots of different artists from all around the world.”

“It’s a way of expressing your feelings and emotions.”

“Art can be messy or neat, it’s up to you.”

“When we do art, I feel inspired.”

“I like painting most because you can mix just about any colour you like. Mustard yellow and raspberry pink are my favourite.”

“At school we learn about geography in art when we make maps and landscapes.”


A snapshot of the self portraits that have been created by all of the children in the school.

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The children have created art work to celebrate this year's harvest.

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