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Learning at Home

Non-screen activities you can do at home


There are lots of things you can do.

These are just a few suggestions.

Many of them can be recorded in your learning scrapbook!


Get reading!

What would you most like to learn about?

Can you find out more about it in books?

Can you find a new hobby?

Read out loud to someone

Remember to read with expression.

Can you create your own secret code?

You could use letters, numbers, pictures of something else?

Can you get someone else to try and crack it?

Get building!

You could build a Lego model, a tower of playing cards

or something else.

List making

Write a list of things that make you happy, are grateful for

or you are good at. 

Can you invent something new?

Perhaps a gadget or something to help people. 

Draw a picture and write a description.

Write a script

Can you perform it? 



Can you write and illustrate the recipe for someone else to try?

Design a board game

Can you teach it to someone?


It’s important to keep exercising. 

Try star jumps, lunges, stretches, running, hopping, jumping on the spot or outside if you have an outdoor space.