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How can I contact staff?

We are proud of our ‘open door’ policy and many parents appreciate how accessible all staff are. We want to make sure you know whom to contact about specific issues and our office staff are able to make appointments for the Head Teacher and all other staff members.

If you have a question about…

Please ask to see or contact…

.. your child in their class

Your child’s class teacher

.. other Early Years Foundation Stage or Y1 matters

Mrs Wright, EYFS/Y1 Phase Leader

.. other Y2/Y3 matters

Miss Swift,  Y2/Y3 Phase Leader

.. other Y4/Y5/Y6 matters

Mr Hudspith, Y4/Y5/Y6 Phase Leader

.. Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

Mrs Brooks, Inclusion Leader

… other pupil related matters

Mrs Davies, Deputy Head teacher

Holbrook Primary School is a very busy place and we work hard to provide the best possible service for everyone – pupils, parents and visitors.  Please treat our school staff with respect as, whatever the circumstances, we will not tolerate the abuse (verbal or physical) of our staff while they are working.  Anyone displaying aggressive behaviour will be asked to leave the premises immediately.  If necessary, further action will be taken by the school.