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Equality Objectives

Holbrook Primary School Equality Objectives


Equality objective 1: To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular opportunities, with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity



Why we have chosen this objective:

To ensure that our school community understands that we live in a diverse country that recognises, celebrates and tolerates different views, faiths and cultures.


To achieve this objective we plan to:

Deliver specific programmes through our PSHE provision and provide support for staff to ensure that they have the necessary resources to implement this provision. 

Use Assembly times to reference spiritual, moral, social and cultural themes and provide time for pupils to reflect on these.



Progress we are making towards achieving this objective:

We have invested in a published PSHE scheme of work and staff build this into their planning.  A staff meeting is planned to share best practice and this will be monitored in due course.

Assembly themes are rotated on a 2 weekly basis and include the school values as well as religious festivals and topical global news items, and where there is the opportunity for children to reflect.




Equality objective 2: To narrow the gap between boys and girls in writing by the end of KS2 to below national averages


Why we have chosen this objective:

Writing at the end Key Stage 2 was the weakest of the three subject areas in terms of attainment and progress in 2016 and 2017. It was also an area with a substantial gap between the performance of boys and girls that was evident in other year groups as well as Year 6.



To achieve this objective we plan to:

Invest in quality professional development e.g Talk 4 Writing and external consultant.

Promote and raise the profile of writing, selecting quality texts that appeal to both boys and girls.

Closely monitor pupil progress to identify pupils that need intervention and check the effectiveness of these interventions.

Monitor those pupils that move to expected during the year to ensure progress is sustained by undertaking pupil progress meetings each term with specific reference to boys.



Progress we are making towards achieving this objective:

Training in place with a focus on the teaching of writing.

Quality boy (and girl) friendly texts purchased and in use.

Streamlined assessment system in place to support moderation of writing.

External consultant booked.



Reviewed annually. Next update due September 2021