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Art at Holbrook


At Holbrook Primary School, we believe that our art curriculum promotes both a positive attitude and creativity, inspiring children to express themselves through a range of different media.

All children are given an equal opportunity to experience high quality art lessons, using a variety of materials, tools and techniques. We ensure that art is shared and celebrated throughout the school, promoting the children’s self-esteem and pride in their work.

In each key stage, children will practise and record their own ideas in art books, which progress with them throughout their time in the school. Children are given opportunities, through trial and improvement, with a variety of different media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and textiles, before creating their final product. Artwork is generally linked to topics and themes, linking with different cultures and artists.

At Holbrook, the timetable is flexible, allowing the opportunity to spend more time on certain areas of art whenever possible. For example, the children have some extended opportunities to focus on art projects, such as during our creative enrichment week. Our most recent project was based on the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’.

Our excellent facilities and resources, such as the iPads, support our art curriculum, which aid photography and animation in art. As well as art opportunities within the school, we have links to the wider community, providing a range of new and inspirational opportunities for the children.


As a result, children leave Holbrook with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create art, as well as a critical appreciation and understanding of art.




The children have created art work to celebrate this year's harvest.