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Absence During Term Time

Guidance for leave of absence in exceptional circumstances




Holbrook Primary School:-

  • wants to provide an outstanding education to all its pupils
  • wants to maintain a whole school attendance rate of 97% or above.


Absence from school for exceptional circumstances can only be authorised by the Headteacher (The Headteacher will determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if leave is granted.)


There is no legal entitlement to holidays during term time. Holiday during term time will automatically be classed as unauthorised and after 5 days, a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued.

Parents/carers must state why they consider it essential for them to take their child out of school, as absence from learning has been proven to adversely impact upon a pupil’s academic progress. 


Genuine illness will be authorised although the school reserves the right to ask for confirmation from a medical professional if a pupil’s absences are above the amount expected for a usually healthy child.


Please read this form carefully before completing the request here.


Please submit this form at least 5 days prior to the desired period of absence.

You will be informed by email whether you request has been authorised or not.