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Visions and Values

The time which children spend in school should be both happy and worthwhile in terms of the progress which they make as they grow up. It is the purpose of the school to meet the needs of the developing child, responding to their strengths and weaknesses, and seeing and valuing them as individuals.


The school's atmosphere is crucial to its success; positive relationships between adults and children encourage co-operation and the development of mutual respect. Rules need to be few and clear for the benefit of all. Through their personal and social development in the community of the school, children begin to perceive and understand the adult responsibilities within the wider society which will one day be theirs.


The curriculum which children follow must be broad and balanced. It must also challenge each child individually, setting goals which are just within their grasp, expecting high standards and providing equality of opportunity.


The school cannot work successfully in isolation; it needs the help and support of its parents, who are the child's first educators, and who retain a vital shared role in the education process. The school also needs to work within its local community, encouraging the participation of governors and others who can enrich the life of the school.